Delivery Policy

Shipping Information

Estimated Delivery Times:

Due to the different nature of the products we sell, delivery times will vary depending on what has been ordered, where it is going, delivery speed chosen and if  public holidays are factored in.

We unfortunately cannot give you definite time frames, this will not be possible. We will instead give you estimated time frames for the products we sell. In addition to this, when an order is made you will be supplied with tracking details (either by a telephone number of the driver or tracking ID from courier), that will give you the ability to track your order.


This will be the standard lead time for most items. This will be especially true if the item is in stock and on location. It is always wise to check the products information. You can either give us a call, email us or reach us in real time via our telephone numbers and emails to make sure.


This lead time is mostly associated with products that are physically in stock and are a great distance away. Other items come in different configurations as selected by you (which increases the lead time) and some are just very delicate and need time to make and deliver properly.


These are products that are not in stock and may need to be shipped in to make sure you get the exact model of the product you need,

Local Delivery

We aim to to give our the best, effective and competitive delivery cost.

Audiostyling ships all across South Africa. By using our carefully selected courier partners we aim to get your order to you as fast and as cheaply as possible. We do not use postal addresses to make deliveries

Some deliveries can be made during the weekends, though unless by exclusive special arrangement and only if possible. Most couriers do not offer a weekend service ,and those that do offer it as a very hefty price tag.

International Deliveries

Shipping across the borders is always tricky and at times can be very complex, however we will ensure that we assist you to get your item in time and with less complexity, our job is to make your life easier and to enjoy the products you buy on our site.

Due to the diverse nature of our products there may be shipping delays or even problems due to customs. To avoid uneccessary dissapointment be sure to email us or give us a call in regard to a particular product and we will try and give you as much information as possible relating to the processes it will take to get to you.

Shipping internationally is considerably more expensive than shipping locally so bare this in mind. We will contact our courier partners and source the best quotation to get your order to you. If you are satisfied with what we present to you, we will then go forward with the processing of your order.

It is also important to note that all duties and taxes will be paid by the client.